Executive Protection / Close Protection conference

Standardizing Close Protection across Europe

Is it possible to standardize Close Protection across European borders?

After having talked to numerous colleagues, We believe it is! 


IACPO invites you to an online conference on March 22. 2022, to discuss the possibility of creating a cross-boarder European standard in Close Protection.

How come – the start:

In the fall of 2020, the Danish security company Vasik ApS along with International Association of Close Protection Officers (IACPO) formed a plan to have a staff of 16 guards going thru a Close Protection training program. Therefore, IACPO and Vasik ApS created an education over 10 months, 2000 pages, 15 tests, 40 exercises and a written examination of 95 questions, besides a physical test and a practical exam.

Yet, with different standards throughout Europe– some almost non-existing, it became obvious, that though the training program exceeded most others, they would not be accepted in other countries. In some European countries, the authorities do not acknowledge the need nor the presence of private Close Protection/Executive Protection teams operating, albeit there has been Close Protection of private people for centuries. In effect, security companies and individuals are working illegally across Europe, due to lack of knowledge and acknowledgment from politicians and policing authorities. In best of circumstances, they will have to apply for temporary licenses in numerous countries, to adhere to local regulation.


Europe/EU have a joint police force, joint legal system and even a system set in place to secure free movement of professionals in the medical system, but NO standardization of security professionals protecting lives? – Is it not in the local authorities’ interest to control what kind of people work in security locally and what kind of training justifies their position?

This (potentially lifethreatening) mistake calls for a discussion on standardization as a minimum criterion for working in the private personal protection industry across Europe.

Will you join us in our quest?

The conference, hosted by IACPO, Co-Hosted by ASIS Chapter 228 (DK) and gracefully sponsored by Vasik ApS, will bring together leading executives, politician’s and experts to discuss and address these concerns and formulate a plan on how the industry can move forward together to make a positive difference.


Confirmed Speakers/Panelists (list still expanding):

  • Mr. Peter Skaarup, MP for Dansk Folkeparti, (DK)
  • Mr. Tony Holyland, Security Industry Authority, (UK)
  • Mrs. Catherine Piana, Director General CoESS, (BE)
  • Mr. Christian West, CEO EPAccess, author and Executive Protection program architecht, (US)
  • Mr. Richard Aitch, CEO Mobius International, author and professional in the Close Protection field, UK
  • Moderator: Mr. Henrik Otto, author and Executive Protection Instructor for IACPO, (DK)

Who should attend?

·        Politicians governing their respective countries legislation/law on private security

·        Police officials licensing or controlling security officers in their respective countries

·        Security Managers hiring Executive Protection, who want to abide by the law

·        Executive Protection Officers working across European borders, and

·        Any Close Protection Officer interested in the best possible standardization of their industry

Please come join us on March 21st. (bilateral meeting) and on March 22. 2022, at 0900 CET, Via MS Teams.

Conference sign-up:

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